Air Eraser AB-178 


Air Erase is a versatile instrument that can erase color errors and act as an etching too.

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Product Name: Royalmax Air Eraser AB-178 

Air erasers are abrasive guns, which can be called mini-abrasive guns. Ideal tool for derusting, engraving, matt finishing and cleaning different materials like metal, wood, synthetic materials, glass… for professionals, handcrafts, hobbies and handymen!

They are used for mechanical surface treatment, for cleaning pieces of metal, jewelry and fine parts, matting, polishing or for engraving glass. In model-making the finishing touches are added with the help of an air-eraser. It is an excellent tool for engraving glass and car windscreens and it is indispensable for restoration of different objects. The mini abrasive gun removes rust deposits, oxidation residues, other deposits, reaction products and helps process spots that are difficult to reach!.

Feed Type: Gravity
Nozzle Dia.: 0.5 mm
Metal Cup: 15cc
Body Length: 150mm
Working Pressure: 30 – 65 PSI

You will receive an Air Eraser Set, which includes an abrasive gun, an airbrush holder, a dust mask, blast material, braided hose.

Work only with safety glasses and dust mask! (dust mask is included inthe delivery)!


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