Airbrush Cleaning Pot TG300A (yellow)


Airbrush Cleaning Bottle make it be very convenient to clean…

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Product Name: Airbrush Cleaning Pot TG300A
Special airbrushes cleaning bottle. Make it be very convenient to clean the used airbrush. TG300A: Yellow Color.

For use as Airbrush cleaning.
Nozzles: One nozzle for use with Airbrush. This product is not intended for use with specialized airbrushes by other companies.

How to use?
Comes ready to use with airbrush: Before use, please fill bottle with water to a height of 15mm. When cleaning, insert straight the airbrush nozzle. When not in use, close the holes with filter Cap and Nozzle Cap. If Filter becomes clogged with paint, please replace it with Spare Filter.

Cant completely suppress the poisonous properties of paint and thinner, so use only with adequate ventilation. Don’t use the bottle for the other Purposes. After use, soak up the dirty liquid which has accumulated in the bottle. Keep out of reach of children.

Airbrush Cleaning Pot TG300A


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