Artists Eraser Pack 4pcs


Suitable for: Graphite products, Charcoal, Sketch Pads Visual Diaries White, Visual Diaries Black.

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Product Name: Mont Marte Artists Eraser Pack 4pcs

The Mont Marte Creative Eraser Set contains 4 erasers for all your artistic needs. The jumbo eraser is great for large drawings and can be used to lift off highlights with charcoal or graphite. The hard eraser is perfect for harder surfaces such as tracing paper. The soft eraser is ideal for more delicate papers where abrading may be an issue. The black eraser is excellent when used on black paper and will not leave marks that white erasers have a tendency to leave.

Includes a jumbo eraser, hard eraser, soft eraser and a black eraser. All erasers remove graphite and charcoal cleanly and are an excellent addition to your sketching kit.


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