ENO-EX Guitar Pedal The New Generation and Fashionable Effects.

     The new generation EX guitar pedal is the coolest among the other branded pedal. It is small to easy to carry and fashionable design. It is providing a delay time about 30-340ms, it can produce rich delay effect, full metal shell, very small and exquisite, true bypass and supply with DC 9V adapter power supply.
Since the old brand pedal is the common existing sound accustomed by all guitar players and the durability is perennial use. But this eon guitar pedal is the newly in market and quality sound is closer to the original sound and the durability is not away from the quality of legend brand. The different is easy to carry and the sound is cloning from the original brand and compressed it in a small stompbox for comfortable to carry and fashion look. Base on my study many guitar players and experts has test this effect pedals. And the effect, quality and appearance of the pedals all meet their satisfactions. Many customers are extremely satisfied with this products, because of their excellent performance, superior quality and most important competitive price.

    The pasilan.com is started to sell this fashionable EX guitar pedal this year. To show it in the market that their is another pedal they can fit what they needs and affordable budget price. We have few effects available in our site and common used by many guitarist like – chorus, distortion, flanger, metal distortion, overdrive, tremolo, analog delay, compressor…..in future we have more to come.

    Many guitarist buying this product around in many store is selling this product, but the price is closer than the legendary brand. And now the pasilan.com is given you the budget prices for only limited stock. Aside from other country like US many store is always out-stock, because of the market of this pedal is more getting popularity than the other brand. Is not the reason of cheap price, its the quality and sound is closer to the legend brand. Instead they buy a higher price they chosen to buy EX pedal as same sound they need and their budget. If you can buy common sound and quality, the best that budget is EX guitar pedal.

  If you have any comment or question to our new product don’t hesitate to contact in our email [email protected] or if instant message go to the chatting information, leave your message.

Eno QQ case

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