Is Your Oil Paint is Premium Quality?

Many varieties of Oil paint to choose out there and the price range is equally high price. But most common by our costumer, is asking “if our selling oil paint is highly quality”. My answer is Yes… do you think she/he thought about how much it would cost at a low price. Yes, we are selling oil paint product and competitive price, but your budget does not match your inquiries. 

There are so many brands you can try. And of course I do not try all the brands, but I will share what I know, like and what I can recommend advise for new costumer on budget saver or let me say is stingy. 

I don’t think it’s necessary to buy any of the high quality pigments or premium brands if you’re just a beginners. If you are doing any serious painting, it is important to use high quality and even expensive paint if necessary. Expensive but great reward, it’s just about being polite and the price is worth for the serious artist. But if you don’t have to spend money on real things you sometimes just love wasting money. And If you are looking for a good premium quality at a cheap price you will find nothing. 

My advice is to search something where is the right for your budget especially for those who are new beginners. As an artist you need to be explores, search, experiment and continues to learn if you are serious to be. For beginners you can’t try everything you want sometimes just fond. But you will buy it, eventually not your passion at the end. Just don’t be expect you can get a premium quality in a cheap price. 

It’s like a gamble to learn everything you want to know if you’re comfortable or not, it’s all about your skills, training and practices, especially if you have a broad interest in art. Every paint manufacturer says their paint is amazing. What I have to say about each paint is from my own experience especially with beginners, it needs to have an acceptable balance between quality and price. Our merchandise is excellent at starting price and I highly recommend for beginners and professionals. At the end of this description, I give full subjective rankings based on my skill and experience, the painting is all good with clever craftsmanship and trained with the hands whether it is expensive or cheap Oil paint they use. Don’t waste money on beginners first get used to what Oil paint is all about to you.

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