Tagore TG216 Makeup Airbrush Kit Black


This kit could be used also for nail art, makeup, cake decorating, tattoo and so on…

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Product Name: Tagore TG216 Makeup Airbrush Kit Black.
This set is mini compressor with airbrush could be used for makeup ,nair art and so on. Portable.Silent. Oil-less.
Standard Color: White compressor body with black decorating line.
Included the Airbrush TG135B.
Reasonable price.

This kit could be used for nail art ,makeup ,cake decorating and so on.

Mini Compressor
1)Voltage: DC12V 50HZ/60HZ
2)Current: Less Than 800MA Power:9W
3)Pressure: 18PSI
4)Output per min: More Than 7L/min
5)Electric cable: 2m
6)Weight: 0.65kg
7)Size: 122mm*96mm*67mm
8)Sound:Quiet, vibration free

Airbrush Gun
1)Feed Type: Gravity Feed
2)Nozzle Dia.: 0.4mm
3)Body Length: 140mm
4)Working Pressure: 5-30PSI
5)Control: Single Action Push-Button
6)Cup Capacity: 2cc

Makeup Airbrush TG216

Intermediate cleaning: spray out the paint, dissolve/loosen residue using water and /or a suitable cleaning agent and brushes/cotton buds, spraying it out subsequent to this.
Thorough cleaning (prior to longer working breaks): a. Terminate the compressed air supply. Unscrew the end piece and needle securing nut; b. Pull out the needle and clean with a cloth and cleaning agent. Check the needle tip for deformation; c. Unscrew the needle cap and clean with a cotton bud; d. Remove the nozzle and push any paint residue carefully out of the interior with a fine brush or needle. Check the nozzle and seal for cracks or deformation; e. Insert the nozzle into the air head and screw into position. Press the lever down and insert the needle carefully up to the stop. Screw the needle securing nut and end piece into position.
Further maintenance instructions: Never immerse the entire instrument in solvent. A little thinned oil should be applied accationally to the lever mechanism. Keep the needle tip and nozzle free of oil and grease, as this can influence the spraying characteristics. The needle, nozzle and seals are components subject to wear and should be replaced when necessary. Nozzle sets and flow cups are available in different sizes to facilitate conversion.


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