The Advantages Of Airbrush Makeup.

And why should you choose airbrush makeup versus traditional?
What is Airbrush Makeup? Airbrush makeup is makeup that is specially formulated to be applied to the face using an airbrush system or with the proper mixing cream. You can apply foundation, blush, eye shadow, and mascara using the system. It provides the face with flawless beauty. We all feel better when we know we look good. Airbrush makeup will make you look and feel great.
How does Airbrush Makeup work? Just a couple of drops of liquid makeup is placed in an airbrush gun that is attached to a air compressor. The makeup is then gently sprayed over the skin, using a tiny mist. This mist covers the skin lightly and allows the skin to breath. It will leave your skin light without the “cake” feeling. The liquid mists lay on the surface of your skin creating a smooth, flawless finish that won’t block your pores or irritate your face. Once the liquid is applied, it begins to dry and stay on the skin’s surface. Once it dries, it is moisture and smudge resistant.
How long will Airbrush Makeup last? Airbrush makeup applications cover and last all day long. One application is all it takes to have a beautiful face for weddings, proms, and other occasions. Airbrush makeup is waterproof and will not smudge with light touching. Some liquids appear “dewy” on the skin and other liquids appear “matte” on the skin and can last up to 16 hours on the skin depending on what product is used. It can be applied on anyone even men. Its hypoallergenic and very sanitary because there are no makeup brushes involved.
Are there other uses for Airbrush Makeup? Airbrush makeup can be used on the whole body. It can cover skin imperfections, scars, and even tattoos and stretch marks. Most products don’t contain oil or alcohol so it’s safe for any skin type

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