Which Paint I Can Use For My Airbrush?

Many beginner is always asking me, if what paint suitable for their airbrush. There is common five types of paint – acrylic, oils paint, urethane, inks and dyes, and watercolors. Many professional airbrusher stress a lot of experimentation for the correct paint suitable for the airbrush. Airbrush paint can be acrylic, oil-based, water-based, and urethane, it can be use for applying for nails, makeup, cake, hobby models, cars, clothes.

Airbrush paints are specially formulated with finely ground pigment that can easily pass through the tip of airbrush gun, very fine ground pigment is more better.

But in this topic the common question is, “which paint I can use for modelling hobby, T-shirt, airbrush car lettering”. I will recommend to use acrylic paint, I advise to focus in this type of paint especially in car designer, modelling, and T-shirt designer.

Acrylic paint these are the most versatile paint and easiest to use, and all the type of paint this is the very options for airbrushing. You can use these paints on just about any surface, including fabric, canvas and acetate…. And base on T-shirt designer I suggest to heat your finish design for heating or using flat ironing and for car design and modelling use to finalize the varnish or clear coating (especially for car expose in the sun for not to fade away) for shiny good looking finish. You can use reducer to thin down paints like urethane and enamel. When acrylic dry, they are very strong you cannot deleted by water.

The acrylic paint is bound with plastic, allowing the paints to stand up to just about anything, including water. The notable exception to this, however, is alcohol. Please be aware of acrylic paint getting dry in your airbrush, it’s very difficult to remove from the inside of your airbrush. The longer you wait, the harder to clean your airbrush. Note – every types of paints has benefits and disadvantages, in this topic is what type of paint I will use in T-shirt, car and modelling design. Just focus on acrylic paint because these are design with specify topic and best of this paint is non-toxic, easy to use and durable. Always clean your airbrush after use, don’t let the acrylic paint to dry to your airbrush.

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